We specialize in the analyzes required by SENASA Resolution 350/99 for the registration of formulated phytosanitary products and technical grade.


  • Valuations of active ingredients.
  • Determination of physical-chemical properties and properties related to its use.
  • Stability tests.
  • Batch revalidation.
  • Development of analytical techniques, acute toxicity, skin and eye irritation.
  • Skin sensitization and eco-toxicology on birds, fish and bees.
  • Non-GLP analysis for quality controls on products.

The secret behind our excellence is in the quality control of agrochemicals.

  • We analyze the dynamics and environmental stability of pesticides.
  • Analysis of physicochemical properties: we use various techniques that aim to confirm the intrinsic properties of the product and study its behavior according to its use in the field.
  • The 5-batch analysis can be performed within the scope of the OECD (GLP) in our laboratory, which has internationally accepted standards.