About us


Zen Lab was born in 2018 as a GLP/GLP laboratory with the aim of providing environmentally friendly agrochemical solutions, carrying out analysis with advanced technology and a team of experts with great experience. Our objective is to guarantee our clients security in the preparation and presentation of reports requested by Senasa.

  • More than 15 years providing support to the agrochemical industry.


  • We specialize in the analyzes required by Senasa Resolution 350/99 for the registration of formulated phytosanitary products and technical grade.


  • We are certified by the OAA (Argentine Accreditation Agency) which allows us to work with national clients and export our services to different parts of the world.



Our philosophy is to provide reliability and professionalism in the agribusiness´world. 

We develop innovative solutions with the aim of boosting the productivity and health of field crops. We provide support in the agrochemical industry, carrying out specific studies and validating the molecules with technology of the highest complexity.


We are certified by the OECD, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, we are certified by the OAA, Argentine Accreditation Body, (BPL 022 Laboratory for FQ tests) and we belong to the Senasa´s laboratories network (LR736).


We stand out for promoting an organized, professional workspace and under the premise of responsibility and confidentiality with our clients.

Our Quality Department conducts its actions based on the different current national and international standards. A team of experts in their field that guarantees the highest standards.

Good Laboratory Practices

  • We have focused on agrochemicals since the creation of Res.350/99.
  • We work jointly with national and international companies in the agro business. 
  • Extensive experience in practical and analytical laboratory work.
  • Guarantee security in the elaboration and presentation of reports requested by SENASA.

Our quality policies


Ensure that all activities are carried out in accordance with the provisions of our quality system, a condition under which the validity of the results provided can be guaranteed, providing a service that respects what was agreed with the client and the safeguarding of all documentation generated.


Comply with the requirements established by the Good Laboratory Practices of the OECD, and allocate all the necessary material and intellectual resources for the development of activities under the framework of these directives.


Satisfy the requirements of the Official Organisms that regulate the activity.


Ensure the confidentiality of the results and the information owned by the clients.


Implement the test methods that govern the analysis of agrochemicals and validate the methods developed by the laboratory before the competent authorities.


Establish a constant digital document backup system to avoid data loss.


Ensure the functioning and independence of the Quality Management System.


Train all personnel to fulfill the responsibilities of their position and the GLP.